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NWPC Women of Color Training - Tacoma

Tacoma, WA
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

The NWPC is here to help women who want to seek office. For 40 years, the NWPC of Washington has engaged more women in the political process by recruiting, training and electing hundreds of successful candidates. We provide women with the endorsements, tools, training, funding, networking and other expert resources needed to successfully run for office.

Women bring a different approach and expertise to office that is desperately needed. Research shows that women enter public office with specific public policy concerns at a higher rate than men, who are most likely to decide to run for office because they want to be involved in politics. Women are also more likely to come from education and healthcare while most male candidates have a legal or business background.

The impact of the scarcity of women in public office means our voice isn’t heard as loudly on critical issues including reproductive parity, health care, education, child care and family planning. Many elected officials don't consider the impact of budget cuts or policy changes to women, simply because they don’t view the world through that lens. This training is specifically geared toward women of color and the unique experiences they face running for office both as a woman and a person of color. 


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